DVLA Theory Test Format And Preparation Guide

It is mandatory for all car owners in the UK to get their vehicle registered with DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency set up in Swansea. The administrative control of car licensing and issuance of number plates of the country is sole with this agency, but there are certain roles which the owners too have to play. DVLA has made it mandatory for the owners to quality the DVLA theory test get ahand with the license. So as you intend to appear for it, there are facts which you need to consider to quality this test.

Eligibility ToAppearing For The Test

You can appear for the test even when your provisional license is still valid. As the provisional license is valid only after you turn 17, you can make application for the test months prior to your 17th birthday. You will only be eligible for the DVLA theory test after turning 17 even if you have a provisional license. However, for people who have received a disability allowance, the provisional license comes into effect from their 16th birthday. In case you are an amateur driver, then it is mandatory to get a valid provisional license from Great Britain or Northern Ireland. It is also your duty to make sure that the vehicle you will drive in your test is properly taxed, licensed and insured.


To Bag A License, Prepare Well To Crack The Theory And Practical Test

If you are an amateur driver and learning how to drive then, both license plate appearing on the rear and front bumpers of the car needs to reflect the same. In case you don’t have a provisional test, make sure first that obtain one before making your application to take the driving license test. Remember that if you want to bag a driving license of your own, then you need to qualify both the theory test followed by the practical test. Moving into the details of the theory test, DVLA theory test is a completely computer best test. The test is divided into two parts: Part one is of multiple choice questions and part B deals with Hazard Perception.

Part A Of The Theory Test :MCQ Pattern

Part one is the first part of the test designed in the multiple choice question pattern with 50 Questions. For qualifying the test, you need to get at least 43 questions right among the total 50. Also, you get another option of preparing for the test by availing the 15 minutes pre-test session before taking over the actual tests. This pre-test practice session is really of great help for qualifying the final test easily.

Part B Of The Test: Hazard Perception

Coming to part two, it is the second part of the theory test which comes with questions based on hazard perception related to driving. The test consists of 15 videos, each running for the duration of 1 minute approximately. These videos are designed for testing your awareness common hazardous instances popping up while you are driving. However be mentally prepared for the test since the videos shall contain hazardous content and your scoring will be based on your caliber of spotting these hazard sand the action required to could have been adopted to avoid the same and how. Each question consists of 5 marks making up a total of 75, and you are required to obtain a least of 44 to pass it. In case you fail, you won’t be eligible for taking the practical test but make sure to take feedback to sit for the test in the next session.

The Importance Of DLVA Online Service In Today’s Life

If you take a look around, you will realize that there are many different types of companies and agencies that are entering into online sector. They start their business online either to serve the customers in the more convenient way or to make new customers. Talking about the government agency, DLVA which has recently moved to the online sector has come out to be more in demand. This agency is known for providing the solution for issues like license, registration, registration of motor and assigning the fleet number. Depending upon the issue, you will have to register online and get the prompt solution from the trained staff working on it.

Know More About The Online Service Benefits:

Online service of such government agency has a good user interface and is completely integrated with DLVA. The designers have worked on the better security of the data and ensure that no personal details of the individuals get saved. The page in the online website is designed in such a way that can save valuable time and money of the customer. It makes convenient for the user to similarly initiate the registration process and get the necessary details on how further things needs to work upon. With such type of option, you can the area of improvement in the government sector with the professional delivery.

If you apply for the driving license through online DLVA service, remember it is completely secured and will not get shared by the company outside. This makes it more comfortable for you to deal with the agency and share the details as required.

Features Of Online Services That You Need To Know:

DVLA offers some of the best online services which save time and reduces the paperwork problem every time when you seek for the renewal. Whether it is the tax document or the license which needs to be renewed, it can now be verified electronically. With more than 47 million records of the successful driver, this agency offers the best driver and vehicle services. Through online service, you can track down the expiry of MOT or the current tax that you have to pay on the vehicle. You also get the details like your first registration date, the status of SORN, color, and manufacturing year. Now you can have the access to smart license with a mere internet connection and get it at the doorstep with just one click.

If online services of DLVA actually excites you, then log in today and explore the services you can avail whether it is the license issue or the motor issue, get the problem solved in an instant way at the best possible deal. You will get the issue solved in the legalized manner without any kind of a hassle to visit the court. Simply submit the documents online by scanning them and the staff will provide you with the best possible outcome in less time span. With good support and best facilities, DLVA services have definitely upgraded itself to a better level and raise the standard of its performance.

When To Call The DVLA Number?

When it comes to driving and transportation, you can hardly do without the DVLA helpline number. There are different legal aspects and other information related to driving and ownership of vehicles that you need from his particular department. So, when you think of hassle-free driving, you will need the number.

Here are certain conditions under which you will feel the importance of these numbers.


To Inform The Authorities About The Change Of Address

There are certain situations when you change the address. You have to notify the authorities about it. So, you just need to dial up the DVLA helpline number and make sure that the change in address is updated. You may land up in serious problems in the long run in case you do not make the update in time.

To Get Information On Driving Health Conditions

The health of the vehicle is important when you come to the streets. There are norms against old vehicles operating on the streets. So, you need to keep in mind that you need to get a new vehicle when the present one get old. So, when you call the number, you will be able to get the necessary information on the health conditions and norms about the vehicles.

Apart from this, there are pollution levels that you need to keep at the back of your head. When you own a car, you may end up paying penalties if you fail to adhere to these norms. All you need to do id to make sure that there are no issues with the vehicles and the pollution control gadgets are installed in your car. The helpline number will help you to get all the information in this aspect.

Number Plates And Log Books

When you buy a new car, you need to get the number plate and get it registered in the log books. In these cases, the DVLA number will come to your benefit. After all, you will be safe and secure when you get yourself registered, and there will be no legal hassles for you. So, you can call up the numbers whenever needed and get in touch with the help desk.

Driving Licences And Applications

When you apply for a new driving licence, you will definitely need the number. You will have to call up the number and start off with the driving test. You will ned the necessary training before that. There is important information that you can obtain about the dates of the exam and other aspects. So, you will find the number when you are willing to start off as a driver. Unless you have the licence, you will not be able to drive.

There may be other aspects where the number might come beneficial to you. In all these aspects, you are free to dial the number and get in touch with the help desk.

So, if you are willing to learn how to drive, you can call up the number and get the necessary information without any hassle.